The ASME Maker Grant

The ASME Maker Grant is an initiative intended to level the financial playing field for student projects in mechanical engineering courses. This service will grant student teams funding for academic engineering projects in select courses. ASME has partnered with corporate sponsors to allocate $4000 in funding for the first semester of this program. The inaugural semester of this service will fund the undergraduate project-based design course ME 102B (Mechatronics Design), as this course is often taken by seniors to showcase their cumulative engineering knowledge in a capstone project.

The flyer below has information about the program! Please refer to your class bCourses announcements to find the most up to date application form for the current semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the ASME Maker Grant?

Anyone enrolled in ME 102B is eligible for the ASME Maker Grant! In future semesters, the course offerings will be expanded.

What’s the timeline like?

Applications are due October 6th, 2021 at 11:59 P.M. for the Fall 2021 semester. On Sunday, October 24th, revision 1 of the parts purchase portfolio will be due. The final purchase portfolio with receipts will be due November 30th. Details for the Spring 2022 semester will be announced later.

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Maker Grant Awards

Who is eligible for the ASME Maker Grant?

Teams will be eligible for awards for their projects, given at the Final Project Showcase by industry partners, graduate students, and professors. Awards will be available in the following categories:

  • Mechanical Design: For the project with the most elegant or effective use of physics, mechanisms, or mechanical advantage
  • MEECS/Electromechanical Design: For the project which demonstrates the most sophisticated use of software or electronics to control a system.
  • Design Innovation: For the most original or unique project idea.
  • Social Impact: For the project with the greatest potential to address an existing societal challenge, e.g., climate change, inequity.
  • Commercial Value/Entrepreneurship: For the project with the greatest commercial viability or real-world, practical value.


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